Staples/Bureau en Gros Survey- win $500 prize – Staples Survey

The name of this company is Staples/Bureau en Gros Survey company provides a reward of a Validation Code card to its customer when they complete their survey.

Staples/Bureau en Gros Survey- win $500 prize - Staples Survey

Staples/Bureau en Gros Survey- win $500 prize – Staples Survey

Staples and Bureau en Gros have created an online survey to gauge customer satisfaction with the company and its products.

With the data gleaned from customer satisfaction surveys, businesses may adjust to serve their clientele better. For your convenience, this survey is presented in an online format.

Staples/Bureau en Gros Survey- win $500 prize - Staples Survey

How To Take The Survey

First, look at the review survey results from Bureau en Gros and Staples.

You have found the official Bureau en Gros & Staples Survey webpage.

Choose from English and French, both of which are acceptable.

In order to participate in the survey, please look at your receipt for a 17-digit Survey Access Code and enter it.

Choose the “begin survey” option to start filling out the survey.

The questions in your survey are being presented right now, and your responses will be used to inform future iterations.

In all likelihood, you’ll be asked questions directly relevant to your most recent appointment.

Give an honest answer.

If you want to enter the Bureau en Gros & Staples sweepstakes, we need you to provide us with your contact details.

Finally, here’s your chance to walk away with $1,000.

Staples/Bureau en Gros Survey- win $500 prize - Staples Survey

Benefits and Rewards

Enter the Bureau en Gros & Staples Sweepstakes by providing feedback on your recent shopping experience at Bureau en Gros. If you do, there will be a fantastic prize raffle, so don’t hesitate.

Terms and Conditions or Rules Staples Survey

The user must provide proof of a permanent residential address in Canada.

Each survey user must be 18 years old to join the sweepstakes. They are ineligible if they are younger than 18.

The monthly limit is one submission per person. Also, each household may only enter once.

Members of Bureau en Gros and Staples, and their households and relatives, are ineligible to vote in this poll.

You don’t have to buy or pay anything to participate in the survey or enter the contest.

Spending money or making payments would not increase the possibility of winning the survey’s prizes.

Winners will be randomly selected at the end of each month and publicized as soon as possible.

Staples/Bureau en Gros Survey- win $500 prize - Staples Survey

About Staples Survey Company

Staples Canada is a retail chain that focuses only on selling office supplies. They provide a wide selection of products, from bare essentials and office furnishings to sophisticated electronics like computers and printers.

Formerly known as The Business Depot, the company has rebranded itself as Bureau en Gros in Quebec. Staples Canada is pleased to provide its clients not just the products they sell but also printing, marketing, and shipping services, many of which are accessible around the clock.

The company takes great pride in offering a private-label credit card that can be used for in-store purchases by individuals, small businesses, and large corporations.

Customers who have made purchases in the last three quarters are eligible for a voucher worth a percentage of their cumulative purchase total.

Staples/Bureau en Gros Survey- win $500 prize - Staples Survey


By taking the Bureau en Gros & Staples Survey, you will get one entry into the Bureau en Gros & Staples Sweepstakes, where you might win $1,000 if you are one of the lucky winners.

It’s as easy as taking part in the stapleslistens Survey and ensuring you answer every question accurately. If you take the time to read the instructions and follow the steps, you should have no trouble completing the survey.

Please use the space below to share your thoughts and concerns if you have any queries or issues.

Staples/Bureau en Gros Survey FAQs

  • Question – Why do people choose the Staples brand over the Bureau en Gros brand?

Answer:  Neither is incorrect; there is no distinction between the two. Regarding office supplies, Canadians recognize the American corporation Staples, Inc. as Bureau en Gros. The main office of Staples, Inc. is located in the USA.

  • Question – What is the benefit of taking the Staples/Bureau en Gros survey?

Answer:  Get a Staples or Bureau en Gros gift card and a chance to win CAD 1,000 by entering their sweepstakes! Simplified English: The Staples Market Distribution Center.

  • Question – Can anyone under the age of 18 take part in the survey?

Answer:  Please accept their sincerest apologies, sir. Staples/Bureau en Gros is restricted to citizens and residents of Canada’s territorial jurisdictions who are at least 18 years old.

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