Tellsunoco – Win a Gift Card – Sunoco Survey

Tellsunoco – The name of the firm is TellSunoco. There are freebies at the end of the survey. It also uses a Customer Satisfaction Survey to get information from its clientele.

Tellsunoco - Win a Gift Card - Sunoco Survey

Tellsunoco – Win a Gift Card – Sunoco Survey

The study’s main objective is to improve Sunoco’s customer service by learning from the company’s clients and implementing their suggestions.

Every participant in the survey hosted at has the opportunity to enter the Sunoco Sweepstakes and win a free reward just by giving their honest opinion.

You must complete certain requirements before you can begin the TellSunoco survey, which measures customer satisfaction with Sunoco.

Anyone without the prerequisite knowledge or experience may participate in the Sunoco survey 2022. Although the Sunoco survey’s questionnaire is short, you’ll need some time and the necessary supplies to go through it.

Tellsunoco - Win a Gift Card - Sunoco Survey

Tips for Filling Out a Survey

For additional information, please visit, Sunoco’s official website. If you don’t see your preferred language listed on the first page, choose it from the drop-down menu and click Next to proceed.

Then, on your Sunoco receipt, put the amount you spent, the date of your visit, and any other pertinent information.

The next step is to enter a 10-digit number that was printed on the store’s receipt. The processing of your survey will begin as soon as you click the start screen. Recent purchases at Sunoco will be the focus of the survey’s questions. You’ll also have to rate their helpfulness to customers.

After completing the form, your contact information will be used to send you a discount coupon. Finally, you’ll be asked to finish out the rest of your Sunoco survey and submit it right away.

You’ll then be given a validation code; write it down and keep it secure. A free offer may be used within 30 days after obtaining the code. Keep in mind that your answers will be judged on how well they reflect your knowledge about Sunoco and your time spent there.

Tellsunoco - Win a Gift Card - Sunoco Survey

Gains and Prizes

Customers who take the time to fill out the Sunoco Customer Satisfaction Survey will be entered into a drawing for a $100 Unexpected Gift Card.

Standards or Regulations

  • You need to be at least 18 years old to join in.
  • In order to keep the survey fair, each survey ID may only submit once.
  • The lucky winners will be notified through snail mail.
  • There will be no exceptions made for prize replacements or transfers.
  • Nobody from the workforce, or any unions representing the workforce, is allowed.
  • This is your most up-to-date Sunoco receipt.
  • This task requires the use of a computer or mobile device with access to the internet.
  • A working knowledge of either English or Spanish is necessary.

Introducing the Business

Founded in 1886 in the United States, TellSunoco is a public limited company that operates via a series of partnerships. It is a petroleum products distributor with headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Power Transmission Partners is in charge of the operation and administration of a partnership that controls around 7,300 gas stations under the Sunoco brand and is owned by unaffiliated third parties.

It was a corporation by the name of Sun Company Inc. that initiated the alliance. The organization also worked with the chemical, retail, and refining sectors. They all failed, however, and none of them survived for long.

Tellsunoco - Win a Gift Card - Sunoco Survey


The Sunoco survey may be accessed at Although the survey approach might seem complicated at first, we will show you how to do it in a series of easy steps throughout this discussion.

If you adhere as closely as you can to the rules and standards, you should be OK. Leave your thoughts in the space below if you have any queries or would like additional information. As always, I appreciate it.

Sunoco Survey FAQs

  • Question – Is there anything special I need to know to take part in the survey?

Answer – The following requirements must be met by all respondents before they may be eligible for participation in this survey:

  1. Anyone over the age of eighteen who lives in a state with a SUNOCO Factory store option is welcome to take part in the survey.
  2. It is desirable that a person be fluent in many languages, including but not limited to Japanese, French, Spanish, and Italian.
  3. In order to take part in the survey, you will need access to the internet and either a computer or a mobile device with internet or Wi-Fi.
  4. It is necessary to provide proof of purchase from a SUNOCO shop.
  • Question – So, what exactly is this “survey gateway” that everyone keeps talking about?

Answer – To answer, go to There, you’ll find a link to the Sunoco Customer Feedback Survey.

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